Crawford opposes Trump on Cuba shift 

Washington, D.C. – Earlier today, President Donald Trump announced from Miami his plans to re-institute restrictions on travel to Cuba and U.S. business transactions.

Following the announcement, Congressman Rick Crawford (R-AR) released the following statement:

“I strongly oppose President Trump’s decision to reinstate a failed, outdated, and isolationist posture towards Cuba. This policy change is not just a missed opportunity for rural America, which would greatly benefit from increased access to the island’s $2B agricultural imports market. This policy shift also poses an unjustifiable risk to our national security, as further U.S. disengagement opens up opportunities for countries like Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China to gain influence on an island 90 miles off our coast. Finally, restricting travel and trade and limiting our ability to export American democracy and values will hinder efforts to improve human rights and religious liberties in Cuba. I strongly urge reconsideration of this decision, and as policy changes continue, I will work with the President to find more productive ways to bring about the changes we all want to see in Cuba.”

Earlier this week, Congressman Crawford argued in the Wall Street Journal that there was a path forward for the President on Cuba trade that would help American farmers and the Cuban people without repealing the embargo. The Op-Ed may be found here.


Press Release from U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford

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