Felon arrested for trespassing and meth

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man whom an officer observed several times on abated property was stop, searched and subsequently arrested for what was found, the report said.

At 1 a.m., the Jonesboro police report begins with Officer Dalton Shannon out on foot patrol of an area of Cedar Heights and State Street, due to high crime and drug activity. He noticed a man, identified as Tyree Reginald Banks, 42, of Jonesboro, walking east in between apartments on State Street and apartments on Cedar Heights. He was walking toward a cut going across the Cedar Heights property.

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At about 1:45 a.m., the officer noticed him again walking past apartments on Cedar Heights. Because of his behavior, at times seeming to turn away from the officer the report said, the officer made contact. As he shouted at him, the man adjusted his pants and then bent over before walking to the officer. He reportedly told the officer he was walking home, although he had been walking in the area for at least 45 minutes at this point. He could not provide an address and could only point to where his “home” was.

The officer ran his information and learned he was a convicted felony, presently on parole. The report says the suspect began to have tears running down his face and appeared quite nervous. He kept turning to walk away and asking if he was good. He would soon learn he was not.

The officer went to where the man had bent over and found a bag with 0.3 grams of crystal meth inside. Banks was arrested and taken to Craighead County Detention Center on charges of criminal trespass and possession of a schedule I substance, a felony. A parole hold was also placed on him.

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