Suspect displayed Olympic-like skills for wrong reasons

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – While there are numbers of athletes in Rio for the Olympics, one man displayed his conditioning for the wrong reasons Saturday in Jonesboro.

While Jonesboro Police Officer Dustin Smith was on patrol just before 11 p.m. Saturday night, he noticed a black Ford Mustang headed eastbound on Belt Street. It caught his attention, so he followed. The suspect vehicle noticed, however, and sped up. The officer activated his sirens, the JPD incident report details, but not to the desired result.

“It was very apparent at this time that the vehicle knew I was stopping him and was not going to stop,” Smith wrote.

From Belt Street to the 700-block of Melrose Street, the officer followed the suspect until he parked the car and jumped out, running away on foot. The officer commanded him to stop but the man “disappeared” around the corner.

Officer Adam Shipman arrived on the scene to back up Smith. Both cleared the carport of the residence. It was then they noticed the suspect running south on Marshall Street. Both the officers ran at different angles to try to catch the fleeing man.

Once on Marshall, Smith noticed the suspect lying under a vehicle and shined his flashlight at him. With the suspect’s hands under him, Smith drew his gun and told the man to not run and to show his hands. The man didn’t listen, the report says, and he slid out to take off running yet again.

It was time for another member of the team to join the pursuit.

Smith bailed his patrol K-9, Rico, from the vehicle while around 200 yards away while still chasing the suspect north to a dead end, according to the report. The German Shepard ran to the fence but as he arrived at the chain-links, the suspect was already on the other side.

The fence had a barbed-wire top, so the officers had to walk east to find a place to slide under. A deputy radioed that a suspect matching the description was running north around Greensboro and Mays roads. Officers tried to track the suspect with the dog in the area but to no avail.

The vehicle was impounded. It was registered to a woman living at the residence the Mustang pulled into. When police met with her, she told them her car keys had been stolen around three days before.

Police are investigating the incident. The suspect was a black male, approximately 5’10”, 175 pounds with brown eyes, clean shaven face, short hair and a dark complexion. He was wearing a black T-shirt and black athletic shorts, the report said. He faces several charges for the incident.

If you can help police find the man, call 935-STOP and report the crime anonymously. You can earn cash for your report.

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