Statewide speed enforcement next week in Arkansas

Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report
Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report

(LITTLE ROCK) – Arkansas law enforcement officers will launch a concentrated week-long speed enforcement plan next week.  The operation will be promoted across the state using the message headline, “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine”.

The intensified enforcement effort will begin Monday, July 16th and continue through the following Sunday, July 22nd.  The enforcement plan involves law enforcement departments across the state

“Speeding leads to death on our roadways,” said Colonel Bill Bryant, Director of the Arkansas State Police and the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative.  “Higher speeds reduce a driver’s ability to steer safely around other vehicles, roadway hazards and unexpected highway exits or directions.”

Drivers who ignore the speed limit put themselves, their passengers and other drivers at tremendous risk.  During calendar year 2015, speeding was a contributing factor in 27 percent of all fatal crashes in the U.S. and more than 9,500 lives were lost in such crashes, according to the latest data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“Driving above the posted speed limit or speeding in bad weather conditions dramatically increases the probability that a motorist will be involved in a crash,” Colonel Bryant said.  “State troopers and other law enforcement officers will be on the lookout for speeding drivers.”

The goal of the operation is to save lives and make drivers aware that no excuses are acceptable.  When it comes to speeding; Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine.

For more information on the “Obey the Sign, or Pay the Fine” mobilization, please visit or contact the Arkansas Highway Safety Office at (501) 618-8136. For more on Arkansas’ ongoing Toward Zero Deaths campaign to eliminate preventable traffic fatalities, visit

Press Release – Arkansas State Police


  1. WHY don’t they spend some time getting those left lane drivers doing 40-45mph in a 60mph zone a ticket.. That also would prevent some accidents… It’s a law also!!!!

  2. Need to spend the effort finding the drug suppliers, rapists, murderers, burglars….speeders are the least of this nation’s problems.

  3. Great! hope you’ll pay attention to the tailgaters also. England Hwy would be a good place to setup

  4. I’m happy y’all are doing your part to keep the state a safe and happy place, by cracking down on these important issues that need to be resolved. This is much better for the state and country rather than going after crack heads, child molesters, rapist,murderers, and theifs. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Have they NOT been controlling traffic up to now?
    Ask yourself why the sudden flurry.
    This is how democrats extort campaign dollars to fight for the right to kill their babies and use the restroom with your daughter.

  6. Rampant; jerks running left turn red lights every light change in Bentonville. Have seen as many as 5 going thru while opposite light green.

  7. I49 is awful for speeders, tailgaters and what my daughter calls checkerboards. Need more patrols on I49 in NWA.

  8. Look, speeding really isn’t the issue here. It is people not following all the other basic driving rules. I won’t lie, I speed every time I’m on the road except in neighborhoods. I am very aware of what’s going on around me and most people are either cruising in the left lane, on a cell phone either typing or calling, doing makeup, never using their blinker, headlights off in dark or adverse conditions, passing on the right, driving through parking lots to avoid traffic/stop signs, being distracted by their passengers, and not paying attention to their surroundings. What also adds to this problem is the conditions of the roads and the cars on the road.

    I’ve driven all over the would and one of the safest places to drive is Germany. You know what Germany has? About half to two thirds of their highway system has no speed limit. They can do that because they are following the most basic driving rules. Their cars are inspected yearly to make sure their safe to be on the roads. Blaming that it’s the fault of people speeding is a copout. Ticket the left lane cruisers, no blinker users, no headlight users in adverse conditions, and people driving unsafe cars on the road.

    When I lived in Germany I rarely saw an accident and when I did it almost always was the fault of some American driver. I routinely drove well over 100 mph along with many Germans and we all arrived to our destinations safely. As I step down off my soap box I’ll just add this, Americans are poor drivers.

  9. I’m all for law enforcement cracking down on speeders or whatever laws, but I don’t understand why the cops are aloud to speed without their lights on plus them texting while driving. What ticks me off so much is people riding in the passing lane for miles, people not using blinkers, people doing 50mph in a 60mph zone, etc plus they get away with it with cops around. Another thing, why do we have to wear a seat belt in a vehicle when bikers don’t have to wear a helmet.

  10. yea, get those Texas and Tennessee drivers between Hope and Arkadelphia. 70-75 normal, they pass us like crazy 80+

  11. I have no problem with this. I do have a problem with drivers in the left lane not going the speed limit or truckers driving in the left and right lane together going 45 mph for miles and miles.

  12. Finally. I’m so glad they’re going to go after people disobeying random numbers in an arbitrary party of the road. It’s not like we have a meth and human trafficking problem in Arkansas or anything.

  13. The state troopers are like spiders laying in wait. Always just looking to write someone a ticket. I’ve come to the conculsion the only thing they are good for is raising money for the governor’s reelection fund. I’m strongly considering voting democrat in the next election just to get rid of these bureaucrats.

    • That does not even make since. It is not political, but to think a republican governor makes them write more tickets is crazy if anything it would be the opposite. I do not think that is the case but democrats are usually known more for regulations and penalties. I rarely get a ticket. Out of the last 20 times I been pulled over I have gotten one ticket for speeding and two for a seat belt. And the speeding one was in Louisiana not Arkansas. They did not put it on my record. I got a perfect record and I speed at least 90% on the highway or interstate.

  14. I been in a emergency before doing 75 in a 60 and they will still pass u between walnut Ridge and Pocahontas. And I do the speed limit and I have been flipped off and almost rear ended for not speeding up

  15. So FULL OF SHIT! You’re just trying to scam people out of more money! Your asses need to be fired. You’re not worried about public safety! You’re worried about control and quota!

  16. I hope they are heavy right here on the interstate that goes through Conway! We have a terrible situation here where it has become dangerous to actually drive the speed limit.😕

  17. Wish they’d spend the time to up the speed limit in the state that was voted on and passed!! Plus spend more time looking for actual criminals instead of harassing tax payers for more of our money when they already get more than they deserve!! If I say and played on my phone as much as I’ve seen troopers do I would’ve been fired along time ago.

  18. This is just another bs attempt by the state to highjack the citizens hard earned money. Funny how Louisiana and Texas have higher speed limits but not a significantly higher accident rate per volume of people. According to what was said in the article, higher speeds make us more unsafe. So given that, Louisiana and Texas should have way higher speed related accidents but they don’t. It’s just a ficitional reason created to sucker in the agreement of the sheep while they use them to build revenue.

  19. What is the speed limit in Arkansas? Other than speed limit signs in towns I haven’t seen any signs stating what the speed limit is. From texarkana texas to dequeen Arkansas I see one speed limit sign stating 55. I set my cruise control & have people passing me like I’m sitting still, even cops pass me.

  20. If 50 is safer than 55, and 45 is safer than 50, let’s all make 25MPH the national limit. Inattentive driving and lack of situational awareness is what allows speed to become a factor, not the other way around. Yes-men law enforcement are just following their orders and common sense or rational thought have nothing in common with good law enforcement.

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