All we know about the Monday night stabbing

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man was sent to the hospital with severe wounds by his girlfriend on Monday night in Jonesboro, Jonesboro police reported.

The suspect, Christina Janeen Williams, 25, of Jonesboro, is wanted by authorities. She is 5’2″, 110 pounds, African American with brown eyes, black hair, straight teeth. Her hair length is medium – the same description given to her complexion.

At about 8:12 p.m. Monday night, Officer Jeremy Smith was dispatched to 405 East Roseclair Street to an apartment where a stabbing had been reported. He arrived and was flagged down by several saying the victim was in the back seat of a vehicle parked in the parking lot. The officer observed the man, Kenneth Dawayne Jeffers, 24, bleeding heavily from several “deep lacerations” to his upper left arm and left thigh area. He also had a puncture wound to his upper left chest area, the report said. 

When the officer got close to the man to check his condition, he said he could smell a strong odor of intoxicants. He was reportedly very upset and yelled at the officer several times not to touch him. The officer tried to use a tourniquet on the upper arm laceration but the man wasn’t cooperative, the report said.

The officer then asked several on the scene who was responsible for the stabbing and they said his girlfriend, Williams, did it.

Officers entered the apartment together to clear it and arrest the suspect but the back door was open and the suspect was gone. She had fled before officers could arrive.

Police observed a large amount of blood throughout the apartment and a large wet spot in the kitchen floor where it appeared as if someone had attempted to mop the area. A knife with blood on it was located in the parking lot by officers.

After speaking with a family member of the man who was stabbed, police learned more. A cousin of Jeffers received a frantic call from him, saying to come pick him up. When she arrived, she found him lying in the street – bleeding. With the help of several others, she was able to get him in the back of her car. She then went to the residence to speak to Williams and ask what had happened. The cousin said Williams exclaimed, “I stabbed that bitch,” before closing the door.

NEA Report is trying to update the man’s condition. Once we know more, we will post the update here with a timestamp to denote the update.

If you have any idea as to the location of Christina Janeen Williams, contact JPD at 870-935-5657 or Crimestoppers at 870-935-7867 (STOP).

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