State police report several fatal crashes over weekend

Nov 20, 2017 NEA Report 0

Arkansas State Police worked a number of fatal wrecks in the past several days which affected lives close to or in Northeast Arkansas. 

Phone service in NEA affected by outage Monday

Nov 13, 2017 NEA Report 0

A representative for Ritter Communications confirmed their services experienced an interruption on Monday morning. The rep, speaking to NEA Report, said at about 11 a.m. the problems were believed to have been addressed or at least, were in the process of being fixed.

NEA Report to begin daily 4 PM newscast

Oct 18, 2017 NEA Report 0

Everyday day at 4 PM, Stan Morris Reporting will run through the top headlines of the day, including breaking news, weather, crime, and all of the stories the other news outlets don’t want to talk about.