Back in Action


In 2008, I injured my back while helping my neighbor move railroad ties (the logs in between the rails). At the time, I worked at Region 8 News and there simply wasn’t room for me to be unable to walk. Unfortunately, I could barely get out of bed. I went to the doctor and learned I had compressed several discs. I would need back surgery, I was told.

I was horrified. I delayed for several weeks, hoping the issue would resolve itself but it never once improved, even the slightest.

drx90001At the time, I also was watching several commercials about a machine called the DRX9000 at Back in Action, a chiropractic clinic ran by Dr. Jeremy McKelroy. The simple approach was that the machine pulled your discs out of a compressed state – gradually – but over a long period of time. It was newer and there weren’t many testimonials yet – but I needed desperately to get back into the field. I needed back in action, although I didn’t realize yet what would get me there would be Back in Action.

I visited the clinic and Dr. McKelroy immediately impressed me with his knowledge of what had happened to me. He described it like he was there. He also performed his own set of X-rays and, without me having said a word to him about previous medical diagnosis, he identified the exact problem spot and prescribed a set of treatments on the DRX9000.

I’m skeptical by nature but this was an immediate comfort, for me. The results to come would soon make me a full believer.

Over the next several weeks, I went through a full treatment on the DRX9000. Within the first week, I could get out of bed again without struggling. I had been at that point of pain and muscle spasms in my lower back.

By week two, I noticed there was almost no pain compared to where it had been, before. It was shocking, to me. I could feel the treatments working, because when I got off of the machine and my discs resettled, there was a period of instability in my back. Already aware of this, the clinic employed electro-stimulus on my lower back muscles following the treatment, along with a cold compress, immediately relieving the muscle spasms without the need for medication.

As my treatments concluded, I not only found myself feeling completely recovered from the incident which had pained me to begin with, but I actually felt better than I had before in years. It seemed, as a tall person, I already had lower back issues but just hadn’t realized it yet. Dr. McKelroy was able to bring my quality of life to a level I had not felt in years.

He literally put me back in action.

This is a real testimonial. I’ve sent my story about this to friends, celebrities and others I have met over the years suffering from similar problems and facing surgery. If you can avoid back surgery, you should. This helped me to do just that.

Stan Morris, Lead News Reporter –

Visit the Back in Action website for more information or to make an appointment at their office at 250 Southwest Drive in Jonesboro, today.

You may reach them at (870) 802-9355.