NEA Report was launched in the middle of June, 2016, and has grown like crazy since. Every month, we reach over 60,000 unique readers who read more than 100,000 articles and on each one of those pages, they could be viewing an ad for you…

If you would like to show the thousands of daily visitors you support local journalism and local business, advertise with us! It helps this project to be funded and gives us potential for expansion, too.

We currently have two options.

A 300 x 300 pixel graphic appearing on the side of every page and article (mobile and tablet readers are oriented different, see rep for details).


A marquee text sponsorship, appearing at the top and bottom of every page. Readers will see you support the news outlet and local business.

Both options are great and we will package them together, if you so desire. Individually, each is currently $100 a month. We don’t hide what we charge. We want you to know ahead of time that we are affordable for your business while you help our business grow, too.

Many businesses have sponsored NEA Report, from Rees Law Firm, New Wave Wireless, Magic Touch, Cavenaugh Auto Group, and more.

Reputable business leaders know what it does for their brand to be identified with an exciting new public resource like this. It is new, fresh and shows leadership to potential clients!

The best spots go to those who join us earliest, so please contact us today to let us work for you!