Alleged Assault on Female Nurse at St. Bernards Under Investigation

JONESBORO, Ark. – A report alleges that a man slapped a female nurse at St. Bernards Medical Center earlier this week in Jonesboro.

The incident occurred around 7:10 PM on November 8 at St. Bernards Medical Center, 225 E. Washington Avenue in Jonesboro. Police were dispatched at 7:17 PM to the assault that had already taken place. According to the report, a 57-year-old male suspect open-hand slapped a 23-year-old female nurse, with two other nurses listed as witnesses to the event.

The suspect had left the scene by the time authorities arrived, but they reportedly have his identity, as his name is masked in the report while specific information is still visible.

Assaulting a medical professional carries more severe consequences than one might normally face in an incident such as this. The case is under investigation for second-degree felony battery on a medical professional. If charged, the suspect could face several years in prison.

The report indicates that the nurse was not injured.

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