Golden Grotto’s skeleton stolen; $10,000 in meth found in safe; Reports released Thursday and Friday by JPD

A 10-foot-skeleton was stolen from Golden Grotto, a report filed just before noon Wednesday indicated. The massive skeleton sits out front on the hay bale on Red Wolf Boulevard, visible to thousands of drivers everyday. However, sometime over the last weekend, the skeleton was stolen.

It’s a 15-year-old prop that was purchased from Louisiana and the value of the item, over $1,000, makes the theft a felony. The skeleton is very unique, the report said, missing several fingertips off the left hand. Repair has been done to the shoulder blade and one of the knees. Because of the size and weight, it requires multiple employees to carry it to and from storage so it was not a “one man job.”

If you have any information or see the skeleton somewhere, contact JPD at 870-935-5657.

Unknown individuals egged businesses in Jonesboro as recently as Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

A man was arrested with firearms and meth by the Street Crimes Unit during an SIS search where they reportedly found over 100 grams of meth. Much of the meth was found in a large safe packaged in different zip lock bags. The street value was estimated over $10,000. Michael Mckee, 60, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A 31-year-old woman was arrested after police say she became violent and attacked several children at her residence. Bianca D. Clemons, 31, of Jonesboro, faces felony battery, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor charges. A 14-year-old made the 911 call.

Someone fired at least one gunshot into the air Wednesday night after 10 PM around the 1500-block of Warren Street.

A search warrant executed after 2 PM Thursday at the 100-block of State Street resulted in two arrests. Ivory Lee Jones, 35, of Jonesboro, and Rakeem Rashad Warren, 29, of Blytheville, were arrested on possession with intent to deliver charges.  Warren’s bond was set at $125,000.00 and he’s still being held in jail. Jones has been released, with no other details provided.

A report Thursday afternoon at the 4300-block of South Caraway Road detailed a felony theft out of a woman’s back yard where an outdoor sofa, tools, a tree, leaf blower, and statues were all stolen.

As police followed a van early Friday morning after 3 AM at the 2900-block of Phillips Drive, they ended up making contact with and arresting the driver on a charge of possession of meth with intent to deliver after finding multiple individual baggies of suspected drugs. Richard Smith, 47, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

Vehicle break-ins:

  • Tuesday night between 4 and 11 PM; Location masked in report
  • Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, a rear driver side window was busted out of a vehicle at The Links
  • Early Thursday before 6 AM at the 1900-block of Prescott Lane
  • Another report early Thursday (around 7 AM) at the 1900-block of Prescott Lane
  • Wednesday night/Thursday morning at the 1200-block of Flint; Firearm stolen during break-in


  1. Oh no, how horrible, someone stole an skeleton from Jungleboro’s largest satanic occult store!? Seriously, this spiritually deaf, dumb,and blind community sickens my very soul!
    The pagan pandemic here is much much worse than the Covid-19 issue for certain.

  2. Nothing but crime, and the real crime is that nothing is done about it unless the LEOs are forced to arrest somebody or even bother to stop crooks for citations. Jonestown sucks.

    • If you dislike Jonesboro so much, why live here? If you don’t live here, why worry about the police reports?

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