Report: Day can’t run for mayor

JONESBORO, Ark. – New reporting from Blue Hog Report suggests that County Judge Marvin Day will be ineligible to run for mayor of Jonesboro.

Last week, Day announced he was running for Jonesboro mayor. His announcement came one day after Mayor Harold Perrin announced he would not seek reelection for health reasons. Day, elected in 2018 as county judge, was Perrin’s hand-picked successor.

But new reporting suggests that may not be possible.

In November 2016, Arkansas passed Amendment 95 (by a two-to-one margin). The amendment made several changes to the law pertaining to elected officials. Most notably:

A person elected or appointed to any of the following county offices shall not, during the term for which he or she has been elected, be appointed or elected to any civil office in this state:
(1) County judge;
(2) Justice of the peace;
(3) Sheriff;
(4) Circuit clerk;
(5) County clerk;
(6) Assessor;
(7) Coroner;
(8) Treasurer;
(9) County surveyor; or
(10) Collector of taxes.

The term “shall” requires mandatory compliance, under the law, the report says.

Further, due to the language, Blue Hog Report says there is no scenario where Day can run for mayor in 2020 – even if he resigned as county judge. That’s because the term he was elected to goes from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020. The amendment states that those elected to the above positions may not seek office during the term they were elected.

NEA Report has requested comment from Craighead County Judge Marvin Day. When we receive a statement or quote, we will add it to this story.


  1. Great! The goodoldboyyouscratchmybackandI’llscratchyours travesty shot down, at least for now. You know how adept the crooked politicians are at stepping around the law, hope they don’t make it this time. We need a true God-fearing American patriot in the mayoral office, not just another crooked politics as usual loser.

  2. We don’t need a Perrin clone so let’s hope they don’t weasel out of this. We need somebody who’ll see to it that laws are enforced and our unis are supported.

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