17 more unemployment fraud reports; City vehicle defaced; Burglaries; Other reports released Monday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Over 100 police reports were filed over the weekend with the Jonesboro Police Department and released on Monday morning. NEA Report went through them all. Here are summaries of the most notable or serious incidents, beginning Friday morning and progressing chronologically through today.

At least 17 new reports were filed with JPD indicating personal information being stolen to file fraudulent unemployment claims. The issue has plagued Arkansas since the beginning of the pandemic.


Sometime Friday morning at the 1000-block of Sandino Drive, a vehicle window was broken and wallet taken.

Someone shot out windows of a church vehicle (and personal vehicle of the complainant) at the 2900-block of Peachtree between July 7 and July 9.

Another report filed by the City of Jonesboro detailed more of the disgusting mischief committed by someone last week at the city pool, 1421 West Nettleton. An employee going to get into a work truck at the location around 11 AM Friday found the vehicle’s interior to be smeared with human feces.

A vehicle theft was reported as having occurred between July 8 and July 9 at the 2500-block of South Caraway Road. It was a tan 2004 Cadillac SUV.

A report filed Friday by a representative of Bill’s Cost Plus alleged that a previous employee of the store cashed an altered check the night before – a felony count of forgery, if true.

Someone stole three window A/C units from a residence at the 800-block of Warren Street in Jonesboro between July 6 and July 8.

Teenagers were suspects in a case of a break-in at the 800-block of West Cherry Avenue reported Friday afternoon around 3:30 PM. A door appeared to be kicked off the hinges and box of collectibles was stolen.

A man found asleep under a vehicle before 4 PM Friday at the 500-block of West Nettleton was arrested for possession of drugs, including meth.

An incident sometime after 5 PM at the 3300-block of Caraway Commons resulted in the police being called to the location. Police were told the suspect, a 23 year old male, threatened and cut the victim with a knife as well as punched her in the face. Her phone was stolen and her tire was punctured by the knife. No arrests were noted in the report.

A convicted felon who was pulled over for a tail lamp violation Friday night before 10 PM was found to have a firearm, a felony, and was arrested on that and other charges. Meghanas Millard Gatling, 40, of Jonesboro, was arrested at the intersection of King Street and Red Wolf Boulevard, the report stated.

An arrest was made Saturday afternoon during the 1 PM hour for possession of marijuana and of note, felony possession of a defaced firearm – a charge not often seen in most JPD reports.

A 17-year-old female who is pregnant reported a 18-year-old male kicked her in the stomach, constituting felony battery if true. The report was made around 3:30 PM at the 3600-block of Race Street. Martell Haggins, 18, of Jonesboro, was arrested, the report said.

A call about a fight was made to police around 12:30 PM Saturday at the 600-block of East Alpine Street. Several suspects reportedly had knives. Multiple officers responded and a detective was investigating the case Monday morning.

A trailer was stolen from the 1300-block of South Main, a report filed Saturday afternoon indicated.

Around 4:30 PM Saturday, a grass fire was reported at Glenns Place and Kents Place thought to be caused by juveniles shooting fireworks.

A report indicated that a dog (believed to be a pitbull) was shot, wrapped in garbage bags, and placed in a dumpster at the intersection of Cain and Griffin. The report was taken around 5 PM Saturday.

A residential burglary was reported just before noon Sunday at the 200-block of Cedar Street.

A report filed just before noon Sunday indicated an aggravated residential burglary at the 1400-block of Overhill Road had just occurred. Three female suspects allegedly went into a home, held a taser against a person, and took items, the report said. A Playstation 4 was stolen.

An improper turn led to an arrest for numerous felonies including possession of drugs and firearms and possession with intent to deliver Sunday afternoon around 4 PM at the intersection of Academic Circle and Aggie Road. Justin T. Boone, 21, of Jonesboro, was arrested for no license, out of town warrants, and probation violation as well.

An aggravated robbery was reported early Monday morning around midnight at the 2700-block of Kristal Drive. The suspect was said to have pointed a gun at the victim and taken her purse. A witness was listed in the report.

An early morning traffic stop of a vehicle traveling south at about half of the speed limit on Caraway Road in Jonesboro resulted in an arrest on felony charges. Kenterrian Tavontae Washington, 21, was arrested for possession of a firearm by certain persons, driving with a suspended license, and an out of town warrant.

A commercial burglary was reported around 7 AM Monday at a flea market on Southwest Drive in Jonesboro. The floor door window was busted by rocks, a window broken that a suspect climbed through, and several cameras destroyed as well. However, there were also several hundred dollars in stolen items including American coins, rings, and a .380 Ruger LCP. An Oklahoma man was listed as the suspect.




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  1. These reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Anybody who doubts that the current Jtown administration is a failure isn’t looking at things straight. All he/they want to do is raise taxes and ignore the crimes committed against the law-abiding citizens of Jonesboro. Jonesboro needs administration and law enforcement to be tough on crime and protect people living decent lives instead of being enablers of the huge criminal element here, criminal element that includes all ages, races and genders. Stop it now or watch Jtown continue to deteriorate and completely become another Minneapolis, Detroit, etc.

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