Bullet that hit woman’s car while driving believed fired during celebration; Other reports released by JPD from the July 4th weekend

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Numerous instances of gunfire were reported over the weekend, largely masked by the constant explosion of fireworks in the Jonesboro city limits. However, for several, the bullets came too close for comfort.

As a woman was backing out of the driveway at 10:45 PM Saturday (location masked, but in Jonesboro), her rear window shattered. Upon inspection, the responding officer found an expended bullet to blame.

The bullet impacted the lower portion of the window and was found in part of the trunk. Based on the angle, police believe the bullet was celebratory fire due to the 4th of July. It was seized and logged into evidence.

Other reports released on Monday by JPD

Drugs and paraphernalia were found in a motel room early Friday in Jonesboro. The bust happened around 6:53 AM and actually began as a call in reference to a disturbance with weapons. Seven small baggies of a brown powder substance, a clear bag of white powder, marijuana, and at Xanax bar were found. Jimmie Manning, 23, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A suspect stole a trailer parked next to a residence overnight Thursday or early Friday at the 1500-lock of Sullivan Circle. It was valued in excess of $5,000, making the charge a more serious felony.

A clear plastic bag with .5 grams of meth was found in an aisle between 9 AM and 10:30 AM in Caseys General Store on Caraway Road.

String of vehicle break-ins on Lakewood

Two vehicle break-ins were discovered Friday at the 3600-block of Lakewood Lane. One of the victim’s reported a card being used at O’Reilly’s at 12:24 PM Friday – with the card being declined. Someone broke into a vehicle at the 1500-block of Lakewood Friday morning, a later report said. Bank cards were stolen.

A suspect in a dark green four door pick-up hit a driver on Highland at Cain and caused injury – then left the scene – close to noon on Friday.

A shoplifting report Friday evening at 4:51 PM indicated that 21 various items valued at $455 were allegedly concealed in a green bag and then taken passed the final point of sale. Mark K. Hester, 36, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

Two small children were reported left in the back of a vehicle unattended Friday evening just before 7 PM at the 3600-block of South Stadium. Most of the report was masked.

A report filed shortly after midnight early July 4th indicated someone fired a round through the ceiling at the 1300-block of North Floyd.

Copper, drugs found during arrest

Two suspects were arrested for drugs and burglary of a residence in which they were said to have been living at the 700-block of Freeman Street. The report was around 1 AM Saturday. In addition to felony and misdemeanor drugs and paraphernalia, at least $2,000 in copper piping and almost two dozen other copper valves and pipes were found. Michael Jacob Bridgeman, 30, and Amanda Gail Miller, 33, were arrested.

Downtown felony battery report

A felony battery was reported shortly before 2 AM Saturday at 201 South Main Street (Cregeen’s Irish Pub) in Jonesboro. Suspects reportedly caused serious injury to a victim, 25. The victim reportedly had a severely broken/crushed nose and a severe gash to the back of his head, officers reported. The case was being reviewed for assignment to a detective on Monday.

A report of a suspect firing a gun and striking a residence was made at 9:28 AM Saturday morning at the 500-block of Krewson in Jonesboro.

A vehicle break-in happened sometime around 1:00 to 1:30 AM Saturday at the 2500-block of Casey Springs Road.

Someone stole tires off of a parked vehicle overnight Friday/early Saturday at the 1300-block of Links Circle.

A suspect was arrested for felony domestic battery against a pregnant woman (who is 17) between 11 AM and 12 noon Saturday in Jonesboro.

A 17-year-old overdosed on an unknown substance around 12:20 PM Saturday in Jonesboro. Most information was redacted.

A report filed shortly before 5 PM at the 3300-block of Caraway Commons indicated someone had set fireworks off on a man’s truck, with black chalky residue on the hood and chips in the windshield.

A vehicle caught fire after 8 PM Saturday at a masked location in Jonesboro due to a firework detonating inside of it, a report said.

Sometime between 3 PM and 11 PM Saturday, a residential burglary was reported in which over $5,000 in jewelry and items were stolen. No location in the report.

A suspect scammed victims into renting a house he didn’t own, a report filed Sunday morning said.

A four-wheeler was stolen sometime between Thursday evening and Sunday around noon at the 1500-block of Medallion Circle. It was a green 2020 Honda Foreman 420 with a red and black winch on the front and a large passenger seat on the back.

Child found playing in traffic while suspect roll around in grass

Just after 5 PM Sunday, police were dispatched to the 600-block of Freeman Street in reference to an unattended child in the roadway. A caller also told police that a suspect was rolling around in the grass and appeared to be on drugs while a 3-year-old was playing in the roadway in traffic. The woman, 39, of Jonesboro, was turned over to EMS for medical treatment at a nearby hospital. Police found two needles with suspected meth and two suspected meth pipes. She faces felony charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug paraphernalia, in addition to public intoxication. The child was turned over to the custody of another adult per DCFS. The relationship between the child and the suspect wasn’t specified in the unredacted portions of the report.

A vehicle break-in happened between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon at the 1600-block of Latourette Lane.

A pregnant woman reported a felony domestic battery after a suspect allegedly pushed her against a wall and then hit her with a shovel sometime after 8 PM Sunday at the 600-block of Creath in Jonesboro. No arrests were listed.

Two residents of Houston Texas were arrested shortly before 10 PM Sunday at the 1700-block of east Johnson Avenue, in possession of drugs and guns and believed to be in possession of drugs with intent to deliver. Ricky Pittman, 29, and Kiara Gilyard, 24, both of Houston, were arrested after a call to 911 that occupants of the Texas car at a gas pump were exchanging weapons with another.

A vehicle break-in happened early Monday before 6 AM at the 1100-block of Mays Lane in Jonesboro.

A vehicle was stolen from the parking lot at the 900-block of Links Circle between early Sunday and early Monday. It was a blue 2005 Ford F-150 XLT truck with a black camper shell on it. Later on Monday, it was found in Crittenden County and had been used in an ATM break-in. The FBI wanted it held to be processed for evidence in that case.

Suspects stole two handguns from a victim’s vehicle at the 2400-block of Glenn Place, a report filed early Monday said.

Another report of unemployment fraud was filed Monday morning with JPD.



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