Mayor seeks Beautification Commission applicants

JONESBORO, Ark. – Mayor Harold Perrin is seeking residents to serve on the new Jonesboro Beautification Commission, created during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The Commission will be charged with leading a robust city beautification program.

“We have a beautiful city but still many areas with trash and debris scattered about,” Perrin said. “I appreciate the work of sanitation and code enforcement departments to handle as much as they do, as well as the residents who work to make their neighborhoods attractive and safe.

“But we need to give them a little help, and I envision not only a more beautiful community, but enhanced civic pride and economic development.”

Residents interested in serving on the Commission should complete applications at Applicants should have knowledge or skill that will complement the goals of the Commission and a commitment to the betterment of Jonesboro through these activities. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 10.

Goals of the Commission include developing strategies to promote beautification; promotional campaigns to end littering; promoting neighborhood “Spring Cleanup” of large items and the cleanup of city entrances, parks and public spaces; and engaging the community in methods to maintain overall appearance and cleanliness. The Commission also would establish partnerships to broaden support and understanding to improve community environments.

Mayor Perrin stresses that this Commission will have multiyear goals to help change attitudes and behaviors about litter as well as boost and maintain the beauty of the city.


“It’s all about quality of life, any way you look at it,” the mayor said. “Keeping our city beautiful has to be a conscious priority.”


Perrin said he also hopes to broaden the city’s annual neighborhood spring cleanups, which currently involve a handful of areas around the city.


  1. Instead of wanting people for a beautification commission the city should be doing more to make Jonesboro safe.Jonesboro has one of the most violent crime rates in the US.

  2. Until I read this I thought the city was finally going to start a review of ordinances which have allowed the city to go down hill. Drive down any main street to City Hall (Matthews, Church, Main, Huntington, etc.,) and you will see the problem. Yet the problem according to this is our intersections are not pretty, we have litter on the roadway, etc.,. The decisions have already been made based on what I read and heard at a meeting tonight as to what they are going to do and they just want outside approval. Changing attitudes and behaviors is unlikely unless there are consequences for not doing it. Too bad they aren’t really interested in cleaning up the city and keeping it that way.

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