Downtown attackers take plea deals to avoid jail

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Two men who chased a third out of a downtown bar, down the street, and beat him unconscious entered negotiated pleas in court on Wednesday which will see them avoid jail time but only if they can stay out of trouble.

The man responsible for most of the attack will also be completing in-patient treatment.

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Bobby Nutt and Andrew Miller both entered negotiated pleas with Assistant City Attorney Heather Owens on Wednesday, who said the plea bargains were approved by the victim. Owens works under City Attorney Carol Duncan.

Nutt pleaded no contest to third degree battery and was sentenced to 90 days jail with 90 days suspended upon the successful completion of 12 months of supervised probation, including the completion of an in-patient treatment program and compliance with treatment plans, and payment of restitution to the victim.

His fines, costs, and restitution totaled $1809.75.

Posted shortly after his court appearance.

Meanwhile, Miller pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 5 days jail with 5 days suspended. His fines and costs totaled $225.00.


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No contact orders remain in effect preventing either man from having contact with the victim.

Joshua Anthony Bates, 29, had been drinking at Cregeens when he went beyond his tolerance for alcohol early Sunday morning, August 4. Reports indicate he was in an altercation in the bar that then spilled out onto the street. However, Miller, Nutt, and the bar’s manager all followed Bates down the road.

Miller slammed him. Then, Nutt attacked him in a beating that a witness said left him not breathing. Bates was airlifted but his injuries were far less severe than initially thought and he was released on the same day.

Miller was arrested at the scene while Nutt fled the scene after changing shirts with Brickhouse bouncer R.C. Cline, a felon who has a record of his own. This led to minor confusion in the initial reports, which was used as an excuse by several of their downtown associates including employees of Cregeen’s who minimized the attack. Some even suggesting it was deserved.

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