Trials set for downtown attack suspects from August

BJ Nutt stands over the unconscious victim before he begins a rage attack.

JONESBORO, Ark. – The large men who were seen on video assaulting a smaller bar patron in the middle of Main Street in downtown Jonesboro will both have trials on October 16.

Bobby Joe “BJ” Nutt’s trial is scheduled for 9 AM on October 16 in Jonesboro District Courtroom. Nutt apparently entered a not guilty plea by retaining legal counsel in the form of Bill Stanley, of Stanley-Woodard Law Firm.

Suspect Nutt

He faces one year in jail for the act and fines on the battery charge. However, he’s facing a number of other charges too – some we’ve previously reported, some we are just now finding, and some which have happened since our last report (see below).

Andrew Logan Miller, 26, also faces one year in jail for the same third degree battery charge. Unlike Nutt, this is Miller’s first and hopefully last encounter with the law.

Suspect Milller

An open case was filed against Nutt on August 20, 2019 for failure to appear, a misdemeanor, dating back to June 2017. An open case was filed on August 21, 2019, for a June 2017 instance of failure to register vehicle – expired tags. These two may have been from the same incident but we can’t confirm anything except both are open cases against him.

On August 23, 2019, Nutt was pulled over in Lake City for inattentive driving and driving without liability insurance. He received citations for both and will be in Lake City court at 9:30 AM on Sept. 26.

Nutt is still dealing with two other misdemeanors – contempt of court/failure to pay fines and contempt of court/failure to comply with orders. These originated in April, 2017. It does appear that Nutt made a payment of $135 on his fines for this on August 19 but nothing else has been paid since.

Three women, including two who spoke to us, have been documented detailing Nutt’s violent past.  Another woman came forward after our last report, in August, detailing similar experiences. She said she was left traumatized after her relationship with Nutt.

The attack was captured on video on August 4. Employees from Cregeens including Miller (bartender), Krysti Breyette Cooper (bar manager) and Nutt (Cregeens identified him to us as a regular bar patron) appear to follow the victim, Joshua Anthony Bates, down the side walk from their establishment. While Bates is obviously intoxicated, notably having been served at Cregeens, he has also attracted the ire of the bar employees and their friends. Miller catches up to Bates in the street and slams him down on the pavement. From there, Nutt goes into a complete rage and beats the man into what resulted in him not breathing when witnesses arrived. Cooper warns of police coming and directs one of the attackers to flee.

Bates was airlifted and survived.

Nutt fled the scene in what we now know was an uninsured vehicle. A nearby automobile accident happened at the same time and some indicated it was related – but we don’t have evidence of that.

A bouncer from the Brickhouse, RC Cline, rushed to Nutt and escorted him away from the scene.

Witness photo shared with NEA Report.

A photo was captured of Cline changing shirts with Nutt to help him evade identification. The result was a witness confusingly identified Cline as the attacker.

Despite his own actions placing him in this situation, Cline and some of his downtown associates attacked NEA Report over this detail, which we managed to correct ourselves.

We later learned Cline has convictions for manufacturing meth, hot check, criminal trespass, and residential burglary. He is a felon. He has arrests for possessing counterfeit prescriptions, illegal firearm possession, theft of property, and other crimes. Brickhouse management didn’t return requests for comment when we made them aware.

NEA Report will continue providing coverage of this case until it concludes. 

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  1. Jonesboro, Arkansas — such a civilized place, full of such civilized people, and in a dry county, too. Better and better (for the bad guys). Our sympathies to the JPD officers expected to maintain law and order with their hands tied by the mayor and chief of police.

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