Bar hostess speaks about downtown attack

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Raven Trevino was working at the Brickhouse bar in downtown Jonesboro early Sunday morning when she witnessed a brutal beating outside of the establishment.

“This broke my heart,” Trevino said online in a post she told us we could reprint. “I’m a hostess at the Brickhouse and had to witness this first hand. Joshua was a very friendly person and did not deserve this. Whether he started it or not, this was taken way too far. I pray that he’s okay.”

The fight didn’t start at Brickhouse. It started at Cregeens Downtown, across the road. But the beating made its way to the middle of Main Street and in front of Brickhouse, police reported.

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Authorities arrested Andrew Logan Miller, 26, of Jonesboro. Initially, the arrest was for a felony but his charge was dropped to misdemeanor level on Monday, JPD said. According to the police report, video showed Miller taking down the victim: Joshua Anthony Bates, 29, of Mena.

Witnesses stated the primary assailant was not Miller, but rather, was Bobby Joe Nutt.

However, some witnesses also believed RC Cline, a bouncer at Brickhouse, was involved. Until the video is released, the public only has witness testimony to go on, but Trevino’s eyewitness account could explain why he was seen near the incident. She says Cline helped save the victim from possibly being beat to death.

“…RC did not beat Joshua at all,” Trevino publicly said. “He was inside Brickhouse with me and him and our other bouncer, Trey ran out the door in a hurry. I followed after them just being nosy, and Bobby Nutt was on top of Joshua calling him names and punching him and slamming his head into the street. RC had nothing to do with Joshua’s beating, other than to help him.”


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Bates was airlifted to Memphis due to his injuries.

Trevino said Bates appeared to have been intoxicated. He also allegedly grabbed the Cregeens bar manager inappropriately, she said, which may have sparked the fight.

“…but that’s no excuse to bash his face into the concrete several times,” Trevino said. “Joshua was a skinny dude – maybe 145 pounds and the other guy was ripped and could lift 3 times Joshua’s weight. That wasn’t a fair fight whatsoever. It was just inhumane what he did to him. Nobody, not one single person, deserves to be beaten half to death in the middle of the street.”


Trevino said Bates could have died. He was beaten unconscious with a massive pool of blood around his head, she said. Police confirmed this despite their decision to reduce charges to misdemeanor level. That decision may have been primarily due to the victim being released from the hospital by Monday.

Another person who commented to NEA Report after the initial article publication was RC Cline. The Brickhouse bouncer sent several messages which differed slightly from what the Brickhouse said in a statement, but both echoed that he tried to help the victim.

“I pulled Bobby off the guy,” Cline wrote through Messenger. “Where he went after that I don’t know.”

Cline also said video evidence would show this.


Cline acknowledged changing clothes in Cregeens and later in the parking lot, as seen in the photo, afterward. He said he did this because his clothes were bloody after pulling “Bobby” off of the victim.

NEA Report has requested the footage currently in possession of JPD and will publish it once we receive it.

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    • Not roid rage, known him for along time personally. Busts his ass in the gym all the time plus great genetics. Great guy, hate to see this happening to all of them.

  1. Cline, Nutt, Miller, both establishments involved and all who are making up lies and covering up the facts should be accountable. To cover for the 3 SOB’S is despicable. Everyone seems to be throwing Bobby Nutt under the bus. Why, if so many are pointing the finger at Bobby Nutt, is he still out and about? Why hasn’t Bobby Nutt been arrested? Has he been run over by the bus? Justice needs to be served. Why would a Bar/Restaurant hire a person convicted of Residential Burglary, a convicted felon? He’d be the last person I’d hire to work for me.

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