Man returns from walk to find home burglarized

Photos show the violation created by crime

JONESBORO, Ark. – When Jon Jones came home Thursday morning in Jonesboro, his home had been ransacked by burglars, creating a feeling he will never forget.

“It’s a strange feeling putting your things back in their place after someone’s ransacked your house, a feeling of violation and anger,” Jones told NEA Report after he returned home from a walk around Craighead Forest Park.

When he got back to his home, he saw this:

“I’m thankful they didn’t steal more than they did or had I arrived just a few minutes earlier, I would’ve walked in on them and who honestly knows what would’ve happened?” Jones said.

A kitchen ransacked by thieves.

The mark of the criminals had been made.

They were described as a couple of “young white dudes” by the victim. Evidently, they only stole an XBox video-game system. However, monetary amount couldn’t be applied to the biggest crime the suspected duo committed.

“The biggest thing they stole, though, was my son’s peace of mind,” Jones said. “He doesn’t feel safe in his own home now. That’s the hardest part for me to deal with. It’s definitely opened my eyes to things I need to do to make my home more secure.”

Jones said he has grown up in the area his whole life. He said he is proud to see the town grow like it has but he feels that growth has lead to the “innocence being lost because of the seedier elements that seem attached to this type of rapid growth.”

“All I can do now is just rebuild, regroup, learn and move on, do what I can to try and make my son feel safe in his home once more and take measures to keep something like this from happening to us again,” Jones said.

If you have any information about who may have been responsible for this crime,

please call Crimestoppers of Jonesboro at 870-935-STOP

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