"Gun Take Back" event on hold, city says

JONESBORO, Ark. – A planned Gun Take Back program is on hold – for now – as city leadership further evaluates it from all considerations, the city spokesman told NEA Report late Tuesday.

We first announced the program coming up in late September, 21, 22, and 23, but a short time later, the plethora of responses from readers on both the City of Jonesboro’s page and NEA Report prompted the event to be put on hold so that city leadership could evaluate the effort, said Bill Campbell, the city’s communications director.

“After our post online and NEA Report’s share of it, our staff noticed a lot of responses and we realized that this has not been vetted at the highest levels of city leadership,” Campbell said. “I made the decision to hold the post until all our leadership could further evaluate. The plan was devised by officers with good intention who have seen it work in other cities. So, we aren’t looking for a public debate – we just want everyone in leadership on the same page.”

The event could still be held but not before all levels of leadership have a chance to evaluate the effort, Campbell said.

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Original event flyer (Note: Event is on hold until further notice)


    • Religion causes more issues than owning a dam gun. Let’s put prayer/religion where it belongs. At home or in church behind closed doors. I do wish people would do a little , just a freaking little research. Religion has killed and caused more harm in this world than all guns, booms, nuclear attacked etc..

  1. First the college caves in and changes the name of their football team
    Now Jonesboro thinks bad guys will turn in their guns for some money and refrain from ever using guns again to commit crimes
    What a chicken shit town!!!

  2. So for each gun that gets stolen…some fool gets $50?. I need to add more locks and bring the dog inside unroll this blowers over.

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