Report suggests dog snapped on woman

JONESBORO, Ark. – A 22-year-old was in need of medical treatment after a dog seemingly snapped and bit her in the leg several times.

Officers with Jonesboro Police Department were dispatched to the student health clinic Monday afternoon at ASU to meet with the victim who said she had gone into a friend’s residence at the 4000 block of Gabrial Ct. The female friend, also 22, and a roommate, were present, along with a dog named “Tucker.” The male Shepherd mix was being petted by both the roommate and the victim when the roommate left the room. 

The victim said suddenly, the dog lunged at her face. She was able to push him back. She said the dog kept coming at her and bit her several times before the roommate was able to get the dog off of her and put it in another room.

The dog was picked up by authorities and the owner given a citation for harboring a dangerous animal. The court date in the case is July 17.

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