Defense attorney: "He didn’t shoot her."

JONESBORO, Ark. – The defense attorney for Austin Dalton Ivy, 16, said he didn’t kill Alicia Carr.

Ivy was arrested for capital murder in the March death of Alicia “Bird” Carr, 21, but the charge was lowered to first degree murder because of his age. Ivy was in court Thursday morning, appearing solemn and quiet as he was led into the room in black and white striped jail scrubs and shackles. Ivy and family met with his defense attorney, Gerald Coleman of West Memphis. 

“He didn’t shoot her,” Coleman told NEA Report after the proceedings. “He did not shoot her.”

Detectives and prosecutors believe he did.

On behalf of Ivy, Coleman filed a motion to hire a forensic blood spatter expert, at the expense of the City of Jonesboro, to process the car where the alleged murder took place. Coleman said the car had been cleaned up by family before it was given to police, making it difficult to ascertain how Carr was murdered. Coleman said he wasn’t aware of the nearest expert’s location but expected it could take ample time to locate such a professional. The judge agreed to a hearing for the matter.

Coleman also filed a motion to have Ivy’s case sent back to juvenile court. In addition, he filed a motion to drop the first degree murder charge against Ivy. Deputy prosecutor Grant DeProw vehemently disagreed with the idea that the murder charge should be dropped. The judge made no ruling on these motions.

Ivy will be back in court on October 30 for disposition with a tentative trial date set for November 13 through 17.

Austin Ivy is returned to the prisoner transport van for Craighead County Detention Center


Detectives believe Ivy, who called himself “Da Shoota” on Facebook, had been at the 1800-block of Cedar Heights Drive with several other underage friends late Sunday, March 26, as described in the probable cause affidavit. Ivy left there and went to the 400-block of North Allis Street to an apartment where he met another juvenile friend. Once on Allis Street, Ivy was confronted by two teens who arrived from the Cedar Heights address. When the teens left the apartment, they got into a car driven by Carr. She had been waiting on them while whatever confrontation with Ivy took place.

Then, Ivy and another juvenile emerged from the back of the apartment and came around the corner. Gunshots rang out into the night, prompting the early Monday morning calls to JPD. At 12:40 a.m., a “shots heard” complaint in the 400 block of North Allis Street sent officers to the scene of a shooting and as they would soon learn, a fatal one. Carr had been shot in the head and the wound was mortal. She was taken to St. Bernard’s Medical Center, where she died later Monday morning.

Featured photo depicts Austin Ivy (center) being led from the circuit courtroom. 

Photos and story by Stan Morris | NEA Report

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  1. The car was processed by the police and released to a towing service,the family afterwards had to pay the police tow plus the tow to the police station to be processed and the return tow to the towing yard,after the family had the car back in its possession,the interior was photographed by a third party and then detailed,then several weeks passed the defense attorney asked for the car and it is now in their possession to be reexamined.

  2. Whats the purpose of quoting his facebook profile name? Is it becuase youre a bias news report? – cousin of convicted.

    • I would only ask you to consider what outlet just published a story from an attorney claiming he is innocent. We are fair and factual, always.

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