Activist appears outraged, combative in arrest video

JONESBORO, Ark. – Dash cam footage from a controversial traffic stop between two officers and an animal rights activist in Jonesboro seems to indicate both officers were truthful in their police reports while the suspect refused to cooperate, as officers reported.

Close to sunset Saturday night, Jonesboro Police Officer Alex Duncan, with Officer Michael Talley also assisting, pulled over the vehicle driven by Angie Herringer, 55, of Jonesboro. Both officers reported Heringer had a headlight out. In the video, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) by NEA Report, Duncan began with a friendly greeting.

“Hello,” said Duncan.

“Hi. What do you want?” Heringer replied.

“I’m Officer Duncan with the Jonesboro Police Department,” Duncan tried to continue, before Heringer interrupted her.

“I know who you are Alex,” Heringer said, clearly annoyed. “What?”

“The reason we pulled you over is you have a headlight out,” Duncan said, getting to the point.

“OK,” Heringer said.

Duncan then asked for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

“Alex!” Heringer replied.

“Driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance,” Duncan repeated, calmly.

A few seconds passed with no activity visible or audible. Then, for a third time, Duncan asked for license, registration and proof of insurance. She follows that with a command to not get out of the vehicle. Heringer can be heard speaking about “checking” to see if her light is out but most of her words are inaudible except for the fact she is perturbed by the traffic stop.

“Driver’s license,” Duncan begins a fourth time, before Heringer shouts back something in defiance, disputing the reason for the stop.

That’s when Duncan told her to get out of the car. As Duncan reported, she tried to first unbuckle Heringer, who begins to scream. Heringer wails for the officer to get her hands out of the car. She tells both officers not to touch her several times and never puts the vehicle in park.

As she was pulled from the vehicle, Heringer was tangled in her seat belt while the vehicle began to roll forward. Officer Michael Talley quickly stopped the moving SUV while the female officer took control of Heringer.

“Get your hands off me!” Heringer screamed. “Get your f**king hands off me right now.”

After Duncan and Talley secured the angry woman in handcuffs, Duncan clasped both of her hands together and began to attempt a reasonable discussion. Heringer interrupted her, again, and while in handcuffs, leaned forward to the officer.

“You’re in f**king trouble,” Heringer said, multiple times. “I was reaching for it.”

Heringer continued. Much of what she said is difficult to understand but repeatedly, Duncan seemed to attempt to return to reason. She again asked where Heringer’s license is at.

The video showed Heringer turn away, then look back at her.

“Take these fucking cuffs off, honey. You’re in fucking trouble,” Heringer said. “And get my glasses off the ground. Get my glasses off the ground right now.”

The officers remained at the scene for sometime in the video. At one point, Heringer screamed to Talley she was “reaching for my license! Alex knows me.” As Heringer disputed the reason for the stop, Duncan appeared to try to explain she asked for it repeatedly.

Heringer looks the law enforcement officer in the face, at the 3:38 mark, and says “F**k you.”

Heringer was released at the scene because of Craighead County Detention Center being full. She was cited for obstructing governmental operations, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, no proof of liability insurance, and improper headlights.

Her court date is 1 p.m. on June 19

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  1. Have you contacted Ms. Heringer to get her side of the story? I don’t know her very personally but I do know of her work to rescue animals and find them homes. She goes into some of the most horrible situations that animals are in, more terrible than you could imagine and she rescues helpless animals.I also have seen that she has been the victim or harassment on social media. The conversation reported here seems like she felt she was being harassed. I wonder what is up with all of this? But I wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

    • This woman is PSYCHO! I know first hand and her so called RESCUE work is THEFT plain and simple! She has stalked my friend even after the judge issued a restraining order. She even went to her kids jobs and tried to get them fired! Fortunately their boss saw through her crap and proved her a liar since what she claimed to have happened was on video and it showed she was LYING!

      • That crazy woman needs to be drug tested!Those cops were much more Patient with her than I’ve seen cops be.

  2. Garrett, did you not watch the video? I’m all for animal activist, but seriously no excuse for her behavior. She was the one harassing the cops, she was the one who escalated the situation, she was the one hurling curses and threats.

  3. I have never heard of this woman before this video and I don’t care who you THINK you are. If you get pulled over. You complie with the officers and do as they tell you. I would never act like she did. Especially knowing the officers.
    We were pulled over the other night for no break light on our trailer. My husband pulled over, put the truck in park, rolled down all four windows, had the information ready for the officer when he walked up to the window. Greeted the office with respect. The officer was respectful in return and told him why he had pulled us over. He ran my husbands license and came back with a warning. Five minutes and we were on our way.
    Our officers have a very hard job. I respect everyone of them. I appreciate what they do.

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