Traffic stop with animal activist turns physical

JONESBORO, Ark. – A local animal rights activist was arrested and released Saturday after a confrontation with officers which turned physical.

At about 8 p.m. Saturday night, right around sunset, Officer Alexandria Duncan and Officer Michael Talley of Jonesboro Police Department were nearby Creath Street when Duncan noticed a white 2013 Lincoln SUV traveling westbound on Creath. Duncan’s report said she saw a headlight out on the driver’s side as the vehicle passed by. She radioed to Talley, who confirmed as the vehicle passed him the headlight was out, his report said. Duncan began the traffic stop at Creath and Bridge.

The female officer approached the driver, Angie Heringer, 55, of Jonesboro, and asked for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Instead of complying, the report says Heringer “cursed and yelled at” Duncan and wouldn’t provide the items. Duncan said she asked for the information at least three times as Heringer continued to argue with her. Duncan ordered Heringer out of the car.

With the vehicle door locked and the SUV still in drive, Duncan reached into the window and began to open the door from the inside. Duncan said Heringer began to scream and yelled, “get the f**k out of my car.” Duncan opened the door and ordered Heringer out but to no avail, she reported, so the officer reached in to unbuckle her and forcibly remove Heringer.

Realizing the situation was escalating, Talley approached the driver’s side, where he also reported Heringer was being combative. As he assisted Duncan, he said Heringer was actively resisting by pushing and pulling away from both officers. Talley said he pulled her out of the vehicle to, “keep her from driving off or grabbing a weapon.”

Suddenly, the vehicle began to roll forward. Heringer had not put it in park. Talley jumped into the vehicle to put the brakes on and park it.

The officers picked her up from the ground and escorted her to the front of their patrol car, all the while being screamed and cursed at by the woman, the report says. She was handcuffed and put into the back of Duncan’s patrol car. However, due to Craighead County Detention Center being full, she was cited and released for obstructing governmental operations, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, no proof of liability insurance, and improper headlights. Her court date is 1 p.m. on June 19.

Heringer is the founder and executive director at ARC Angels 4 Animals, her Facebook profile says. NEA Report attempted to reach Heringer by phone Tuesday afternoon but was unsuccessful.

In a Facebook post following the incident, Heringer posted several photos and her account of what happened. In the post, she claimed Duncan pulled her over “fraudulently” and indicated the arrest was motivated by Duncan’s personal association with an animal rescue group, ALFA (A Love For Animals), which has found itself at odds with Heringer’s group. In the post, Heringer said “that guy” manhandled me, which seems to be a slight directed at Duncan, but makes no other reference to the other officer who was present during the incident. Heringer also mentioned it was caught on dashcam video.

NEA Report has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to JPD for the dashcam video. The video is expected to be made available Wednesday, Sgt. Cassandra Brandon said, and will be posted shortly thereafter.

Heringer also posted several photos of what appear to be her driver’s side headlight, along with her passenger headlight, both working shortly after the traffic stop. What the photo does not show is if the high-beams or the low-beams were in use. If the high-beams were on in the picture, it would be impossible to see a non-functional low-beam in the photo.

The social media post by Heringer was removed from public view after attracting significant attention over the weekend.

On Feb. 24, NEA Report contacted Heringer about another report she was the subject of. Then, a woman who was hospitalized in December alleged Heringer had broken into her home and stolen the hospitalized woman’s dogs. Heringer told NEA Report it was “ridiculous,” and denied the allegation. No charges were ever brought from the incident.

However, charges were filed against Heringer in a separate incident in Craighead County District Court for harassment and criminal trespass. She is due in court for these charges on July 12. In this case, filed in September, 2016, the complainant, Karen Siegel, alleges Heringer drove by her house repeatedly in a white Lincoln SUV and threatened to run her out-of-town. Photo evidence and witness testimony have also been filed in support of the allegation, a court source said.

It should also be noted Siegel has a current appeal filed against multiple convictions of animal cruelty in circuit court. Heringer is a witness against her in that case.

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  1. However, due to Craighead County Detention Center being full, she was cited and released for obstructing governmental operations, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, no proof of liability insurance, and improper headlights. Her court date is 1 p.m. on June 19.

  2. Angie Heringer has NEVER jumped in someone’s yard and stole dogs. She is the most passionate animal rescuer i have ever met, working 24/7. Yes she has a issue with puppymills, they are tourture on the dogs, living in cramped wire cages stacked outside, filthy, these dogs never get vet attention, love, baths, they never play…just there to get pregnant so people can sell the puppies and then dump or kill female or male when they can no longer produce. People are innocent untill proven guilty so how can you post this “report” from officer Alex Duncan when she is biased because her wife is part of ALFA. This “report” is only trying to ruin the reputation of a great lady who is helping abandoned, dumped, injured, surrendered pets. Anyone can go on her page and see the videos of the puppymill. They can see how she works, travels for rescue everyday and never puts rescues in kennels but in foster homes untill adoption. Are you affiiated with ALFA who supports this puppymill?? Maybe thats why you are making this ridiculous story!!! Just wondering why you are not reporting on TRUE stories!

  3. ok IDK who is telling the truth, but how do we arrest criminals if the jail is full? Direct statement from article ” However, due to Craighead County Detention Center being full, she was cited and released for obstructing governmental operations, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, no proof of liability insurance, and improper headlights.” if a “REAL” crime was committed where would they put the criminal I thought it was a “JAIL” not a hotel lol

  4. Let’s see the tapes then we will know. In the mean time it seems as if your goal is to drag this woman’s name through the mud. This article sounds a bit partial to me.

  5. Angie is cray cray!! Maybe one day people will figure this out. Nothing is ever her fault always someone else’s. Go away, far far away!!

  6. Angie’s been known to carry a weapon. She has had several run ins with the law and has had criminal charges filed against her on several occasions. Angie has been proven violent in the past. Who is the lady she recently attacked? She needs professional help. It’s a shame the humane society even lets her on the property.

    • She wasn’t the one who did the attacking. She was attacked during a rescue. I don’t blame her for getting upset. These people have been filing false chgs and harrassing her non stop since she busted their puppymill. Yes, they’re puppymillers. The lowest form of low lifes there is. You might not like Angie, you may think she’s cray cray, its really passion for the animals tho, and continue to blame her for crazy things, she would never do, but she will never be as crazy or low life as a puppymiller. As far as breaking into houses, backyards, anywhere, that is something we would never do. We get more dogs, kitties, squirrels, rabbits, coons, skunks and everything else, than we can afford to get vetted n groomed we sure dont take them away from people. Thats absolutely ridiculous and just how all these stupid rumors get started. And she doesn’t carry a weapon although she gets threats everyday.

  7. Angie is passionate about rescuing animals and if it weren’t for her unselfish actions, there are so many dogs who would now be dead due to being hit by cars or neglect. There is more to this story than is being reported and it makes me angry at the way she is being treated. I stand behind her 100%.

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