ARRESTED: Suspect in stabbing appears to confess on Facebook

JONESBORO, Ark. – The man wanted for allegedly stabbing another has been arrested.

Noah Wright, a local construction worker from Jonesboro, Ark. according to his Facebook profile, was wanted for allegedly stabbing another man at the 900-block County Road 111 off of Highway 91 in Craighead County, Boyd said late Friday. A victim was taken to a local hospital with stab wounds and was in surgery Friday.

Wright was arrested early Monday morning after running from authorities all weekend. 

On the suspect’s Facebook profile, he appears to mention the incident just a short time before the media was made aware of the incident.



The posts indicate some possible love triangle as the reason behind the incident, although they are difficult to understand grammatically.

Several other dark posts on his wall indicate some type of strife or frustration in the personal life of the suspect. The posts were all public, as of this publication. Within the past month, many of the memes made reference to incarceration.


NEA Report is in direct contact with the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Justin Rolland and Sheriff Marty Boyd. We will provide updates as they are made available.

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Photos taken from Facebook.


  1. He admits to self defense please get your story straight first before posting a fake headline like he admits to stabbing somebody he admitted to self defense get story straight the other guy should not have been on his property you guys are fake news

    • Hello,

      The story does not claim it was an attack or self-defense. The story simply, and correctly, says this man appeared to confess to stabbing someone on Facebook. It is a fact.

      He also is running from police. Is that in self-defense, too?

      Our reporting is factual and correct. A judge or jury decides if he is guilty or innocent. He has to stop fleeing arrest first, for that part of the process to happen.


      • I tried to reply but until you guys were there you don’t know the difference the man that got stabbed in the throat the man that got stabbed in the throat from here to Adam’s Apple was trespassing and he was being provoked so Noah acted in self-defense because he was being provoked so please get the full facts before you post pay somebody stab somebody just to try to make a headline not the way you guys are perpetrating the fax has got him on the run and he is scared I read his post and it said he acted in self-defense he active self-defense because the guy come onto his property and threatened him there for he had a knife and also the the guy that got his throat cut had a knife no it was just quicker on the draw so stop painting him the bad guy until you get all the facts I was here I was there you guys wasn’t so unless you know the facts stop posting headline he admits to Stabbing he also said in the same paragraph oh no I did something bad because of self-defense the lady and the guy in the hospital with the neck wound up having charges pressed on them for trespassing put that in your headline I bet you won’t

      • are you guys do is change the headline tub man was stabbed self-defense or not we did not know yet stop trying to get viewers media at its best fake news

      • see in the first see in the first place I never did say they stabbed anybody he said he did something bad so why you trying to do that fake news

      • . You need to read his Facebook page it does say that it doesn’t say anything about stabbing anybody

      • . No no the Facebook page does not say anything about stabbing so please get your facts straight until you can do that you guys are fake news

        • According to law enforcement, he was located after a tip led deputies to him. He did not turn himself in.

          • Hahaha. I talked to his brother and he talked him into turning him self in. If y’all need any reporters I’ll come and help you guys

  2. All I ask is get facts straight the guy’s throat the guy cut with trespassing and he’s getting charges pressed on him for that and so is his wife or lady or whatever any way you look at it they broke the law he did bad but running off it should have stayed there but they shouldn’t never encroached on his property the man had a knife and so did Noah I call at Noah was faster than he was and the man’s wife shouldn’t never been cheating on him with Noah so until you no more redirect your headline as man stabbed that’s it nothing on Facebook said that he was stabbed at all

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    • I respectfully decline The vogon Poetry award it goes to you guys for saying hey confessed on Facebook he never did say he said anybody on Facebook and to the Riders thanks for the consideration but I think your story is totally bogus and Marty said allegedly you guys didn’t use allegedly and as well at least I can get my facts straight before speaking in the mouth fact check check check check and check Blackfinn if you need a reporter to let me know cuz I asked questions and good answers enjoy your reward bow chicka bow wow

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