JPD distributing this letter about vehicle break-ins

JONESBORO, Ark. – The rash of recent vehicle break-ins in the City of Jonesboro has prompted Jonesboro Police Department to begin reaching out to residents.

In a letter, Det. Mike McCanless is not only urging steps of caution for residents of the area but he is also asking for help. McCanless implores readers with security cameras in the areas where break-ins have occurred to share that footage with the police department.


To: Citizens of Jonesboro

Re: Recent vehicle break ins

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to inform, educate and ask for assistance with the investigation of a series of vehicle break ins within your area. Many of these incidents have occurred during the same time frames recently and have very similar methods used by the suspect. I am asking for anyone with knowledge of suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in your area to contact me immediately at the above phone, address or email.

Additionally, I am looking for anyone who may have outdoor video cameras set up at their homes, that serve as surveillance/security. This is VERY important evidence and it is critical to inform me about because most video systems delete, or record over old footage, if not saved within a certain time frame.

Below is a list of suggestions to help maintain a safe neighborhood and help keep yourself from becoming a victim of this type of crime. Thank you in advance for any assistance in this matter and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or information.

  • DO be aware of your surroundings AT ALL TIMES
  • DO lock all vehicle doors AT ALL TIMES
  • DO call the police for ANY suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY
  • DO take specific mental notes on anything you see (clothing worn, items carried, vehicle tag number, tattoos, logos on clothing, hair style, etc.)
  • DO talk to neighbors from time to time to maintain good neighborhood relations and vigilance
  • DO NOT attempt to contact anyone who is suspicious EVEN if they are committing a vehicle break in right in front of you, THIS CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS
  • DO NOT leave any valuables inside your vehicle, ESPECIALLY purses, wallets, guns and money


Detective Michael McCanless

Jonesboro Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division

1001 S. Caraway Rd

Jonesboro, AR 72401

Criminal Investigation Division Office: (870) 935-6710

Fax: (870) 932-3892


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