Orton responds to altercation with Jonesboro fan

JONESBORO, Ark. – Following NEA Report’s story Tuesday about a WWE star who was involved in a confrontation with a fan at a gym, the wrestling star responded to the story.

Randy Orton sent out several Tweets on Tuesday night to his five million followers on Twitter. A number were in relation to the incident reported on Tuesday.

In his Tweets, Orton confirmed the confrontation and also confirmed he had used expletives at Anthony Martin, the Jonesboro business professional and political figure who, along with several friends, found themselves on the end of a tirade by the wrestling superstar.

“Apparently, I hurt a fan’s feelings when I told him to F off at the gym yesterday,” Orton tweeted. “That’s news? Been happening for 15 years. #getalife”

Orton continued to discuss the incident in a series of Tweets late Tuesday.

“I paid to train,” Orton said. “In between every set, I can’t take pics. He needs to suck it the F up and go to the gym to train not to be a fan boy.”

Orton also accused Martin of not saying anything back to him, something Martin and several witnesses disputed. Then, Orton said Martin, “had to use Twitter like a b$tch.” However, Martin had only made posts on his personal Facebook wall about the incident, which happened to be visible to NEA Report staff, sparking the story.

WWE, a publicly traded company, was in Jonesboro on Monday for a live event at the ASU Convocation Center. Several stars were seen around town, with many taking opportunities to snap photos with their favorites.

One of those fans who took photos with Orton was Paul DeFord, who posted his photo with Orton shortly after the story was published. For his part, DeFord said Orton was nice and did not mind taking a photo with him. DeFord said his photo was taken at 5:49 p.m.

The timestamp on Martin’s photo shows he took the photo which angered Orton at 6:07 p.m.

Featured photo by Anthony Martin



  1. Randy Orton is and always will be a POS. He obviously has serious mental issues and does not deserve to represent WWE. There are any number of wrestlers who are more capable than Orton and who understand the basics of being a decent human being. If anyone is a b**ch it is you, Orton. Grow the hell up.

  2. Still not sure why a grown man, whose also a cop, would want to take a pic of a male wrestler from across the room. Sounds as if Randy told the fanboy no to the initial pic request before giving him the fistbump. Instead of leaving it, this sad cop had to snap a pic of another guy from across the gym. Thats some weird bs. You dont interrupt someone during their workput and make a pic request and you definitely dont sneak around and take a pic when the persons not looking. I think the guy would’ve followed Randy in to the mens room if he hadn’t been confronted. To top it all off, he goes on to social media to talk about it. I hope you dont have any kids. I’d hate to hear about yhe abuse they’ll get from classmates once everyone realizes their dad may have an affinity for men.

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