Fan has altercation with WWE star ‘outta nowhere’ in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – While many WWE fans were watching the action live at the ASU Convocation Center on Monday, several experienced the action up close and personal before the show ever even began.

Anthony Martin is a business professional in Jonesboro. From being active in local politics to being the assistant branch manager at a bank on Main Street in downtown Jonesboro, Martin can usually be seen with a smile on his face and friendly demeanor.

Like many in the Mid-South, he is a fan of professional wrestling, from when he watched WCW’s Sting in the 1990s, to today, where he doesn’t keep up with it as much but still enjoys the entertainment.

So on Monday, while Martin and his friends were at The Trim Gym in Jonesboro, they immediately noticed a familiar face in the gym – the 12-time world champion, veteran WWE star Randy Orton. Martin knew he had to get a photo with the celebrity.

“I approached him by myself and said, ‘Can I get a picture of you?,'” Martin said. “He gave me a fist bump and replied, ‘Sorry. I can’t hear you,’ pointing to his ear phones. We went our separate ways.”

Leaving Orton alone, Martin said he decided to snap a photo of the wrestler from across the room:16107990_1116377355175704_1842148699_o.jpg

However, as Martin described – and as seems to be visible in the photo – this enraged the wrestling star.

“He saw me snap the picture and came up to me got in my face and said, ‘What the f**k are you doing? I said no **ddamn pictures! Are you f**king stupid?'” Martin said. “I said, ‘No. You said you couldn’t hear me.”

Cody Halstead is one of Martin’s friends who was at the gym with him. He told NEA Report what he saw transpire.

“(Orton) said, ‘I can’t hear you, bro,’ and walked away,” Halstead said. “So Anthony walked back and took a picture anyways and then Randy came over to Anthony, grabbed his hand and was belittling Anthony and pretty much was saying m’fer this, m’fer that.”

The tirade continued, both described, but Martin kept his cool and remained calm. Being a police officer in Cash and Craighead County for ten years taught him not to escalate the situation, he said.

“Still in my face, I said no disrespect man,” Martin said. “‘If you want, I can delete it.’ He said, ‘Yeah. F***ing delete it!’ I said, ‘Okay, seriously, no disrespect.'”

That’s when Martin said the pro wrestler took a step back. Martin’s police training came into play, he said.

“I stepped with him knowing that if he was going to hit me that he had no power if I stayed close,” Martin said. “My three friends were very close behind and then he said “F*** it. Keep the f**king picture. Enjoy your workout.'”

Halstead said he was watching the confrontation and, just as Martin described, wandered near his friend to have his back.

“I dropped my weights and turned to him and said, ‘There’s no need for language like that,'” Halstead said. “Anthony explained himself and (Orton) said, ‘Enjoy your workout,’ and walked away.

Martin said he was very surprised by the way the WWE star had reacted. He said if Orton had simply approached him and asked him not to take his picture, he would have respected it.

“I just thought it was awesome that a WWE superstar was working out in the same gym as me,” Martin said. “He way over reacted and could have handled himself a little more professional. It’s not like he was in the ring and having to be a tough guy in front of thousands of people.”

While WWE star John Cena visited several establishments in Jonesboro, taking photos with fans and making many smile along the way, Martin said the master of the RKO did not endear himself to anyone in the aforementioned incident.

“I am not his fan,” Martin said. “Matter of fact I never liked him.”

John Cena poses with a fan at Skinny J’s on Monday in Jonesboro


  1. Why pester a public figure about a picture in the middle of a workout? Guy didn’t even greet him, sounds like he was asking for trouble.

    • Not only that, the dude was flat out told “I have headphones”. In other words, don’t bother me while I try to get my workout in. Then this paper has the audacity to paint him as a victim.

    • No most wrestlers are assholes, I met prob most of the WCW roster at a bar and to say they were jerks is an understatement especially Sting and buff bagwell. And by the end of the night the cops had to come because every guy in the bar wanted to fight them for being pigs, so to say he was asking for it just isn’t true if you’ve met any of them outside of them being paid to be there

      • Not always true i met the entire tna roster a few yrs ago and they was all cool even bubba ray Dudley

    • If this was the first time I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact that Randy has done this before just shows he isn’t a nice person inside or outside of the ring and it’s why as much as I am a fan I would never want to meet him. It’s unlike John Cena or the Bella’s who are really down to earth no matter what.

    • Perhaps if assholes like this dude would just leave them alone , he would be willing afterwards. This sense of entitlement is appalling and like a loser , tweets it.

  2. Let’s be honest. These fuckers aren’t real athletes, theyre roided up thugs and their fans are idiots…

    • Their “Fans” are kids, dumb ass adults and teens want to ruin another thing meant for children. Not their fault adults don’t notice their product is aimed at kids.

    • Their “Fans” are children……Not their fault dumbass adults wanna ruin it…But then again that’s why the “WOMEN” Division isn’t a division.

      • If they aren’t athletic then how come are ex NFL players? You sound like you are jealous of their ability to entertain a give fan an enjoyable time. How many of the shows that you watch are real. If you cannot understand the concept of entertainment you are an idiot. I am 64 yrs old and still enjoy watching wrestling and in all the time it’s still relaxing to watch. I have seen John Wayne shot at least 100 times and I doubt if he had any bullet holes or scars when he died.

  3. This Martin guy sounds like a total slimeball. You approach the guy for a picture while he’s busy working out, he fist bumps you but clearly isn’t interested in a picture.

    So what do you do? You snap some creeper paparazzi wannabe photo of him from across the room anyway?

    You’re lucky he didn’t grab your phone and smash it against the wall right then and there. He would have been totally justified.

    Get a life.

    • Both side are wrong.

      The guy should take a hint there, and just leave the man alone not to take picture middle of his workout. Leave it as that that is on him

      As for Randy he should act professional and approach him differently. Telling him kindly that he doesn’t want pictures matter of fact he should say no pictures in the first place when the guy ask him. Sometime clarify the answer to the question is better to give a straight up answer.

  4. Not bothering someone in the middle of a workout when they have their headphones on is kind of an unwritten rule of the gym.

    Take a hint dude. He fist bumped you but clearly wasn’t interested in a picture, so what do you do? You snap some creeper paparazzi wannabe photo of him from across the room anyway?

    You’re lucky he didn’t grab your phone and smash it against the wall right then and there. He would have been totally justified.

    Get a life.

  5. Orton you went way over board man just asking for a pic with you. Shows you how much an asshole he really is cena ten times the wrestle he will ever be orton is a piece shot for acting like that

  6. I don’t understand — this guy’s not a fan, never liked Orton in the first place, but still wanted a picture with him?

    You’re lucky he didn’t grab your phone and smash it against the wall right then and there. He would have been totally justified.

    Get a life.

  7. Just bc he’s a public figure doesn’t mean he wants his picture taken. Especially while he’s in the gym, when he says he can’t hear you and gives you a first bump that’s a sign telling you to leave him alone.

    The guy once being a police officer doesn’t mean anything. “He took a step back so I stepped forward knowing he wouldn’t have much power if he punched bc I’m close” – Wrong, a guy like orton would bust your face open close or arm length away.

    The lesson for everyone should be don’t try interacting with people in a gym. There should be no phones allowed in gyms. I’m personally sick of seeing people take pictures of themselves while they’re in the gym. You’re there to workout not take pictures leave your phone in your locker with the rest of you’re stuff.

    • Exactly. This guy was talking like he could have fended Orton off because of his “police” experience. No, he just would have knocked you and you would have just fallen closer to him than farther away.

  8. Wow I just lost a lot of respect for this man.. John Cena is a class act tho, always giving back to those around him especially the kids that’s awesome however Randy you are not..

  9. Having meet a lot of former wrestlers through work…I can say the majority are laid back and respectful while with any crowd there were a few that were total A-holes…the gym I go to regularly has athletes and wrestlers…most get left alone as its a large gym…however when approached each has obliged with a hi …handshake and in a few instances pictures… Depends on when you catch them… What he is doing is for work purposes whether we think its real or not…what the others were doing is recreational…big difference in approach… Still no excuse to be an a-hole…but give people their space..

  10. I’m somewhere in the middle. As a big time gym rat and formerly competitive lifter, I totally get the “leave me alone and let me lift” mentality. Especially when these guys have such limited downtime anyway.

    That said, Orton should’ve just let it go or just said, “please…not now. After I’m done, cool, but I just wanna get my lifting in.” I’ve worked out with several musicians and even a couple of pro athletes and all but one were extremely cool and accommodating AFTER they worked out. It’s just courtesy.

    At the same time, I wouldn’t have whined about it either. The guy sounds like he’s seeking attention now and should have just let it go. Don’t be a fan; that’s fine. But what’s the point in calling him out? Orton’s a heel anyway. You’re just helping him sell his character!


  11. Why take a picture; he said himself he never liked Randy Orton anyway. He should have been out & about looking for John Cena if he wanted pictures.

  12. I agree with people here, the difference between him and Cena was Cena was obviously there for the purpose of pictures and a mesh and greet . Orton was just trying to get a workout in while on the road..

  13. What a sorry ass punk…if it wasn’t for the fans you guys/girls wouldn’t have the fame and fortune. As fans we got out of our way to give the ratings to keep a entertainment program running so you become an icon in your business. Don’t for get just as fast as you got up there you can fall off just as fast and no one will even remember your name. I been a fan since the Sam Houston Coliseum days…when you could get there 30 mins early pay your ten bucks and jump around in the ring as the wrestlers were getting ready to put on a show…those were the days…!!!

  14. Taking a picture of anyone at a gym besides yourself should be grounds for a lifetime ban. It’s a place people go to train their bodies the way they want. Leave everyone alone. Go, do what you set out to do, and then go the f*ck home. It’s not a zoo. This needs to stop. Their privacy is the same as yours.

  15. Same issuena few years back working security at a hotel and Orton was there and Cena. Orton totally classless and on the other hand Cena showed nothing but respect for the establishment even shutting down the card game at 4:30 in the morning for breakfast set up. Something that I came up with is Respect the Respect and it shows class. Randy might need to learn that.

  16. Personally I feel Randy showed respect fist bump and basically I’m trying to workout but this guy couldn’t respect Randy’s personal time and space then tells his story to anyone who will listen wow.. Wrestlers deserve thier privacy like anyone else try respecting it when clearly Randy was busy working out.. why not invade his personal space more by entering his bus and sitting at his dinner table since clearly this guy feels Randy owes him something. Now him and his friends can have their 5 minutes of fame by bashing a great wrestler and performer like MR. RKO

    • There is some little difference between approaching someone in a gym open to the public and trespassing on Orton’s bus. No law against being in a gym open to the public and where there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the common area but there is a law against trespassing on someone else’s property.

  17. Dude he’s a WWE Superstar who I’m sure constantly has people coming up to him and wanting his autograph and picturea…but when he’s trying to work out and spend a little personal time alone, why bother him? Sure, Cena has this persona that he’s a fan favorite and does all these things for charity and so on, and doesn’t mind the attention, but some famous people like to be left alone because there is constant spotlight on them and all they want is time to themselves, so I actually commend Orton. It’s cool to take a picture, but make sure he says it’s ok and can actually hear you first. Don’t act like a damn creeper and snap photos secretly like paparazzi.

  18. You guys need to report the other side. Jay DeFord who posted the selfie with Orton on the Facebook discussion thread has a different opinion. He was there and he said the guys who got into the altercation with Orton weren’t regulars at the Gym. They were probably there stalking him. Jay is there all the time.

  19. Wow I thought Randy had a little bit more common sense than that I’ve been watching WWE for over 40 years I think he should at least apologize for what he did or if not said maybe after the workout.

  20. As far as I know there’s no law against taking anyone’s picture anywhere in public,the guy can take pictures of anyone all day long,for all you thug minded people out there,there is a law against smashing someone’s phone or picking a fight with someone because they took your picture

  21. Yeah he said he had on headphones and the guy left he took a picture big deal that aint hurtin any thing but i prolly wouldn’t had bn as cool and calm as that guy was

  22. I get not pestering someone just because you’ve seen them on tv, but at the same time, having a fan come up to you and ask for a photo is part of the gig. Randy Orton is a millionaire because the fans allowed him to be. This is typical behavior from Orton though. You can read countless stories just like this one. Dudes just an asshole, which he’s got a right to be, it’s just disappointing.

  23. What a bunch of twats. I’m totally on Randy’s side with this one. IT also reminds me of when Randy was accosted near a gym by an ex or something? a few years ago now, I think he’d just got engaged to his now, wife. But as I recall, the ex, was a bit of a bunny boiler like – can anyone remember what I’m talking about?

    Randy’s never liked anyone in his personal space, and quite frankly, neither would I. If you treat a celebrity with respect and maybe ask them AFTER they are done doing their workout or meal or what-have-you, then maybe you’ll be rewarded. If not, you’ll get in the papers for being a douche like these guys!

  24. Yep that sounds like Randy Orton. Other WWE fans also allegedly had a bad encounter with him.

    He’s a typical a’hole. It doesn’t matter what time,day or location it is he’ll still act like a total douchbag

  25. Invading someone’s privacy is never okay. Period. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not.

  26. How would you like it if every time you stepped out in public some boob with a cell phone wanted to take a picture with you or of you? After an 18 hour flight, while in line at a bar, restaurant or even the bathroom for God’s sake. You can’t even work out in peace without someone snapping a pic. Everyone is a paparazzi. It would get pretty damn annoying. Especially when they actually get paid to sign and sell their pics. Leave them the hell alone you creepy stalkers and let them have what little down time they have in peace.

  27. Mr. Martin, the ex police officer should have left Orton alone. The man wanted his privacy but Martin took his picture anyway. Sounds like a cop doing whatever he wants and screams innocent when he gets caught up in his own shit.

  28. I met Randy Orton at BW3 and he was very cool. He took pictures with me and my friend and talked to us for a few minutes after one of the WWE events. What I don’t understand is why would you want a picture of somebody you don’t care for?

  29. Randy Orton did not commit any crime. Why are you trying to make a story out of nothing? You are simply trying to paint Orton in a bad light.You wanted to paint him with a tar brush .Why must you take the photograph of a man you confessed to hate? It would amount to an arrant hypocrisy for you to do that. How I wish Orton “rattle-snaked” you to show you that he is the real tarantula of the “14x 14” square ring. How I wish he showed you why it is always dangerous to step on the tail of a viper. You asked for it and you got some.Your narration of the event does not merit attention.You made some contradictions brother.

  30. How was having his pic taken by a guy, on his way out the door, going to negatively affect Orton’s ability to workout? Even if he’s working out, how’s he going to be bothered, unless Orton was focused on him, which sounds like the case. When a celebrity is out in a public setting, they should just know that there will be pics taken. Now, if the bloke just walked up to Orton and took a pic, that would be different. I’ll tell you what the problem is….it’s that bloody Bray Wyatt, all up in Orton’s head lmao. The ex Officer was also correct, through training, that the best way to take some power out of a punch, or a strike is to stay close to the aggressor…Orton or not….this technique was even taught by Bruce Lee. Lee said that a person holding a club or stick…think bat….wouldn’t be able to swing it when the target is so close plus, when the person with the weapon has to draw it back to swing, you can give them a jab in the nose lol. Even if they are just throwing a punch, they have to draw back, even a little, then the other person, if alert, can get the first jab in. We learned this tactic in Basic Training…Hand to Hand Combat. At any rate, I doubt Orton would want to face a suspension…or worse…for fighting with a person over them taking his pic. Vince may not like that kind of publicity. With Orton yelling at him, that shows he probably had 0 intention of hitting the pic taker, he just wanted to intimidate him but, I still blame it on Bray Wyatt lol. Wrestling is far from just being focused on kids…especially during the Attitude Era of Stone Cold and, The Rock. Just my 2p’s worth on it all.

  31. I think what Randy did was the same reason his wife left his ass, I know he was working out and you got to realize people want a picture of stars etc, Yeah maybe not while he’s working out but the gym looked like it didn’t have many people in it, Randy is an ass, ask anyone that goes to the dollhouse in Tampa, he def doesn’t like to be approached, maybe you should get out of the business because your fans want to meet you and get a picture with you, part of the job ass wipe so be happy that the same people who made you who you are give something back when you can, bitch ass move and if you know Randy this is nothing new

    • Easy to call someone an ass wipe or bitch ass on here. Brave internet troll. How the hell do you know why his wife left him? How is taking pics part of his job? You should probably just shut up since obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • ok people you dont understand he is a heel right now and if he takes pictures with you vince will get his ass now if he was a face i bet he would have just stood there all day taking pictures with you and who ever but if your a heel you cant talk to anybody or take pictures

  32. Randy’s not at fault because that’s just a pervy thing to do . He could’ve waited till Orton was DONE but no he had to be a creep and take a random photo. Common sense tells you not to take unexpected photos of someone without their consent. Even if he did over react wouldn’t you… Someone taking a picture of you and then keeping it doing god knows what with it. Like come on give randy a break, I bet now this man is giving false information to his coworkers or friends and children saying or tons a jerk but in reality he was upset because someone took an unexpected picture of him and couldn’t wait till he was done with a workout. JUST AN IDOT THING TO DO. heck, he should be fired for a creepy and disrespectfully disgusting thing to do.

  33. Nobody likes having some random stranger taking their photo without permission. Besides, everyone knows by now that Randy Orton isn’t exactly a people person. How’d they think he was going to react?

  34. Didn’t Randy do something like this the last time they/wwe were in town @ the Trim Gym?

  35. So they saw a star Randy Orton, asked to the picture, and did get a “NO” just in other words. Either he didnt get a reference, or he did. However, he still decided to make the photo of Randy. Like man, do you want people to make photos of you? If you look bad on photo then it will alter negatively how ppl perceive you. However policeman (or his friend?) decided to do it anyway. Good thing im not a celeb, people making photos of you all the time, constantly watched, ew.

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