JPD focusing on downtown parking

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police in Jonesboro are looking at parking in the busy downtown area and hoping to fix some regular mishaps.

It can be difficult to find a parking spot next to where you want to go in downtown Jonesboro but a short walk can always get you where you need to go. However, the rush, the unfamiliarity and general inexperience can make the process a bit unnerving for some.

Jonesboro Police Department is hoping to simply that and they’re doing it by reaching out to the community.

JPD has launched an effort to educate motorists about the regulations governing parking in the downtown area.

Kim Lochner, parking enforcement officer, has been introducing herself to business owners and employees and patrons of downtown businesses, according to a news release. Lochner has been explaining that some parking spaces have time limits and that certain practices are prohibited.

City officials are reviewing the ordinances that govern downtown parking and those may require some adjustment before enforcement begins.

Motorists are reminded there are several parking lots in the downtown area offering nearly 800 free parking spots, with more than half of them accessible 24/7.

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