Judge Freeman's progress continues; now able to speak, leave bed

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Wednesday was a wonderful day for Mary Freeman.

The wife of the Lawrence County Judge injured in a devastating automobile accident was elated when she spoke to NEA Report by phone Wednesday afternoon. Her husband, Dale, was speaking to her for the first time since before August 10.

“He is doing good,” Freeman said. “He is actually talking to me today. He put a valve in his trach tube so I can hear his voice and it’s a great day. He’ll be taking that out soon and all he’ll have is his physical therapy to get back his movement so he just doing fantastic.”

Freeman said her husband was building back up his endurance still. She said he has been able to get out of the hospital bed and sit upright for three hours at times before becoming tired.

“The more he’s awake and alert now, the stronger it’ll make him,” Freeman said. “This has been a good day.”

The road to recovery for the resilient county judge has not been an easy one. Following the wreck, he was in critical condition. He had a neck surgery on that Friday, followed by another the next Monday. By August 25, he was moved to a private room.

It was a worrying time for his wife but she said she never lost her hope.

“I knew it was going to happen but I was kind of concerned about if he was going to know everything or everybody but he does,” Freeman said. “He’s talking about work – of course. He’s said “hi’ to all the kids on the phone. It’s just been great.”

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